Pedagogical practices: get to know the masters and doctoral courses

The overall understanding of Education is the main concern of postgraduate course. The master’s and doctoral program in Education is strongly anchored in the development of critical thinking regarding pedagogical practices and public policies in the area of ​​Education, and are its main axes of academic research.

Pedagogical practices geared towards society

Always based on the main premise of Tuiuti, a human and quality training for its graduates, the master’s and doctorate course takes seriously, more than ever, the theme of Education.

The researches developed by the students have as main focus the social relevance, forming teachers-researchers who understand the depth and importance of Education for the basic formation of a more equitable and just society.

Therefore, Tuiuti’s Master’s and Doctoral Degree in Education has as one of its lines of research the Pedagogical Practices and its articulating elements. Know now the main axes of the research line in pedagogical practices.

Pedagogical Practices, excellence in the teaching of researchers in the area of ​​Education

The research line in pedagogical practices aims to study all the elements that found and permeate the teaching-learning relationship. Subjects such as curriculum, teacher-student relationship, teaching and school culture are researched in their articulation with society.

The everyday in the classroom is one of the main axes in this line of research of the master’s and doctorate of Tuiuti. The relationship between school and community, interdisciplinarity, school indiscipline, history of school practices, teacher training and field education are some of the topics that interest our researchers.

And because education for the future is a pillar in our university, we could not leave out studies about the relationship between Education and technology. The pedagogical practices that make use of the technologies are increasingly present in the classroom, and Tuiuti has a pressing concern with this theme, so important and current.

New knowledge, better prepared teachers

Meeting the demand for an increasingly connected market, articulating good teaching practices to innovation and new learning objects, this is the main differential that Tuiuti offers.

Our students are able to construct critical thinking, articulating social demands to academic reality, and fully aligned with new technologies and pedagogical practices in the classroom. In addition, our students have the possibility to keep on learning, participating in events such as ANPED, ANPED SUL, ENDIPE, Educere, ANPAE, as well as public competitions in the area and in the labor market, as consultants.

Teachers who, first and foremost, are researchers. And researchers who, as teachers, understand the importance of research for the development of a more humane society.