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..... I am green for nature .....
Since 07 January 2010, the B & B Couette et Chocolat Inc. has chosen the green path for its respect towards nature and its environmental actions, some of which follow the recommendations we have decided to implement, and we ask for your participation as it is the case of All and All!
Lighting: Go for cheaper light sources, 95% of the B & B bulbs are Energy star and LED bulbs. A lifetime of 15 times and use 75% less electricity than traditional bulbs Our gesture turn off the lights when leaving a room.
Computer: Computers and PC monitors consume much energy. To significantly reduce their consumption: Our gesture turn off the computer or tablet after use.
Heating the pool: a temperature of 18 ° C in the room during my absence and 20 ° C for my presence enough to feel good, each additional degree increases energy consumption by 6% Our gesture reduce heating leaving the room.

Showers: 5 liters of water sufficient for a complete shower 4 to 5 minutes, cutting off water to soap me. Merely stop letting the water run while I brush my teeth, makes me save tens of liters of water a day!

Selective waste sorting: Our gesture to sort:
                                             Use traditional bin for general waste (Not recyclable).
                                             Use the green bin for paper, plastic packaging in metal boxes (recyclable)
                                   In short, start with small actions because we must protect our environment !!!!